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Red Wine Vinegar

While others savour their red wines, I down my red wine vinegar - from a Champagne glass no doubt.

Making Red Wine Vinegar

Jokes aside. I love fermenting things and I make my own red wine vinegar. Its really easy.

  1. Choose a nice bottle of red wine that is not too expensive.

  2. Start with off with some unpasteurised apple cider vinegar. Mix the two together in a bottle.

  3. Cover it with a permeable cloth so air can flow. Four weeks later, you have your red wine vinegar.

You can store this for a long time, but the way I consume it, it doesn't last very long!

How I Use Red Wine Vinegar

  1. Drink it. Mix 1 part vinegar with 4 parts sparkling water. Serve in Champagne glass.

  2. Use it in your salads.

  3. Make sauces.

Why Red Wine Vinegar

  1. Suppress the hunger hormone, ghrelin. Therefore you eat less.

  2. 0g net carbs, so this is perfectly keto friendly.

  3. Can be helpful in controlling blood sugar.

  4. Can be helpful in increasing insulin sensitivity.

Proper Use

Having given you these attractive advantages in consuming red wine vinegar, always remember that moderation is key. I know how some of you (especially ladies) tend to overdo something when you think its good for you. As with everything, know that anything in excess is bad - the good things included. So don't go guzzling the red wine vinegar thinking you will lose weight and will not need to eat and stay thin. THAT IS NOT THE POINT.

Use this wonderful creation moderately, enjoy the process of making it and savour the taste of it in your drink, salads and sauces.

A healthy mind = healthy body = effortless weight loss and maintenance.

Stay tune for more tips on achieving your optimal health through a ketogenic way of eating.

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