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Lin Switzerland - Keto Dessert and Bakery

Lin Switzerland dedicates itself to satisfying the passions and emotions that come with everyone's comfort foods - desserts and bakery.

Keto Content to 'Lin Switzerland'

I warmly welcome you to visit my little online keto bakery and dessert shop

www.lin-switzerland.com .

As a Keto Lifestyle Coach, I often find myself creating menus, baking, finding suitable alternatives for my clients to make their transition to this diet easier. That has inspired the creation of my online keto bakery and dessert shop.

I will now move all the keto related content from this site over to 'Lin Switzerland', as the audience there is growing quite rapidly. This will make searching for the information you need much easier and in a more organised fashion.

I look forward to your support and if you are based in Switzerland, do give my new bakery a try. Thank you for your support!

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