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Updated: Mar 9

A keto lifestyle coach is there to hold your hand and help you navigate these challenges and when you stumble he/she will make sure you do not give everything up.

It is always about living your best life, isn't it?

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

First, let's look at what exactly is a ketogenic (keto) diet. A keto diet is low in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and high in fat. This puts the body into a metabolic state of ketosis whereby your body starts to burn fat instead of glucose for energy.

The benefits include:

  • Weight loss (without loss in lean muscles)

  • Appetite control

  • Reduces sugar cravings

  • More energy

  • Mental clarity

  • Managing type 2 diabetes

  • Other health benefits in the management of diseases like epilepsy, Alzheimer's, high blood pressure etc..

This diet requires that you change some if not many of your eating habits. For example, sugar, breads, pasta, rice and potatoes but to name a few are no longer possible. Instead, you will be eating more healthy fats, high quality protein and some carbohydrates normally in the form of vegetables.

How Important is Exercise?

If you have wondered how attending all those gym classes and hours on the treadmill had not help you lose a single kilo, listen up. Shedding the weight is more about nutrition than it is about exercising to burn calories.

Exercise is important - yes. For the purpose of fitness, strength and balance of mind and body - yes. Weight loss? Not entirely.

In the ketogenic lifestyle your nutrition takes centre-stage and exercise is supplemental in order to bring about the weight loss and health benefits.

Impact on Social Life

As you navigate your new lifestyle, you will find that eating out with family and friends become rather challenging. You will not be able to eat and drink everything they eat and drink. How about when they gift you something nice and thoughtful like chocolates and cakes? How about when you have communal meals (eg. Chinese food), or when your friends want to cook for you?

Traveling? What do you do on the road for food? In-flight service has no 'Keto Meal' option? How about trying all those local cuisines?

Working? Your boss takes you and colleagues out for a meal. What do you do when he orders pizza and beer for everyone?

What A Coach Can Do For You

It is this balancing act in all these various aspects of your life that determines your success or failure. A keto lifestyle coach is there to hold your hand and help you navigate these challenges and when you stumble he/she will make sure you do not give everything up.

Your coach will...

  • Motivate you

  • Make you accountable for your decisions

  • Help with reality check

  • Provide clarity and technical expertise

  • Pick you up when you stumble

  • Make sure you do not give up


I'm Lin, your Keto Lifestyle Coach.

I originate from Singapore and live currently in Switzerland where I work as a full-time keto lifestyle coach, model and dancer. I hold a degree in Social Sciences and a Masters in Business Administration from Australia. I have always been passionate about nutrition and healthy living as these are vital in order for me to stay on the top of my game professionally. I love food, eating (I'm Singaporean!) and experimenting with new recipes.

Through my professional life, I have tried many diets and fitness regimes. Since I was 12, I discovered that I had problems managing my weight, controlling my food intake and experienced constant dizzy spells of highs and lows which caused me to binge or starve to the extreme. I learned later about my insulin sensitivity and the potential health and psychological problems I will have as I get older. That put me on the path of diets that focused on reducing carbs. I finally found my balance in the ketogenic lifestyle.

I started coaching when my peers found out about what I was doing. Most people have neither the time nor passion to dwell deep into the keto diet and that is where I come in – to cut through the noise and bring to you what is important, relevant and made just for you. It is a great pleasure for me to help my clients understand their full potential and a privilege to be able to help them get there.

My wish is to help you live your best life and enjoy it to the fullest.

Contact me for more information.

Lin Chong (BA, MBA, MCMA) is a certified Keto Lifestyle Coach and

Member of The Complementary Medical Association (UK)

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